The beach as your office during the day and the ambiance of music and the Enter The Wave Surfcamp in the evening: Servicio de la Playa

Servicio de la Playa

Spain - Vidiago

For the Enter The Wave surfcamps in Vidiago we are looking for a Servicio de la Playa. If you like to surf and life on the beach a lot, and at the same time be part of a team to guard the tranquillity and cleanliness of the beach; this job might be the next summer adventure for you!

Was wirst du tun?

The surfcamps of Enter The Wave ( in the north of Spain are guided by an enthousiastic team of good people, including managers, chefs, surf teachers and you name it. This team always includes a "Servicio de la Playa"

The Servicio de la Playa is there to guard the tranquility and cleanliness of the beach. You will help elderly people find their quit spot on the beach, control the number of surfers in the water and prevent noise disturbance or trash on the beach.

Besides this, you will spend a lot of time there and have a lot of time to go surfing yourself

Wer bist du?

- You love to surf and be on the beach a lot
- You have no plans for the summer and would like to be part of our team
- You are curious about new adventures


- You speak both Spanish as English fluently
- You have a helpful and friendly character


Period of minimum 2 weeks between july 2022 and september 2022


- A life on the beach and on our beautiful campsite from Enter The Wave
- Meeting a lot of nice, new people
- A volunteer contribution
- Food, drinks & accommodation
- Show of mulitple bands and artists
- Your trip to Vidiago
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